Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Clot of Cheney

Lately, it seems Vice GPE(!) Cheney has had all the bad luck. From his various heart attacks to his misaligned rifle scope, he's been in some tough spots. However, this last week has been especially hard on him.

From Islamofacists trying to blow him up (don't they know he's invincible?) to those 65 hours on a plane, he's had a tough time. So, let's welcome him back to God's Country and remind him that he's perfectly safe in the Cave (the only underground bunker superior (in only the smallest way) to the ColCave (Dr. Colbert's underground bunker. The Cave is superior in that it is a smaller word, and has a nanometer more shielding around it (Dr. Colbert opted instead to gold-plate the door to his own private room)).

In the meantime, let's bring out Mr. Cheney's clone, the "Prime Minister of Australia", to cover for him. Surely Australia won't totally plunge into chaos in the weeks it would be without it's Cheney Clone, it would only mostly plunge into chaos. Well, God's Country's bigger and more important, so we subvert Australia's "independence" to enact an Architectuaral Order: Release your Cheney Clone to us, or all Architecturalists will put you On Notice.

That's right, my fellow Architecturalists. We're calling out Australia. They have 2 weeks to give us their Prime Minister, or we're putting them On Notice. If, by the time Mr. Cheney's fully recovered, they haven't even apologized, Australia is Dead to Us.

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