Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Secular Progressivism at its worst

Nation, this is a very sad day in Archland. It seems that the secular progressives have really lost it this time.

Yes, I realize the article is 6 months old, but this should've been exposed 3 years ago. It seems the liberals have written a book that blatantly promotes gay homosexuality as a "proper path" and calls those who don't think like they do "ignorant".

Well, Nation, it's time we showed them how things really are. I'm calling for an all-out ban on Canada lasting 2 weeks. If you're Canadian and can read this blog, immigrate immediately to save your soul. If you're non-Canadian, disassociate yourself with Canada and its peoples, and forget they ever existed.

No, Canada's not getting called out, put on notice, or anything else. The reason is simple: I haven't time to update the Boards and I'm too busy nailing other people to care about our lost neighbors to the North. Besides, Canada hosts Gitmo North, part of a multi-part series of Gitmos worldwide to re-educate the secular progressives and intern the terrorists until they tell us where they have bin Laden. WE KNOW YOU KNOW WHERE HE'S AT!!!!!

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